Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where the computer games at?

They're supposed to arrive in the mail today.

C'mon, UPS! One can only do wholesome activities like reading the paper or reading The Satanic Verses (the wholesomeness of the latter is questionable, I admit) for so long! Gimme mindless dumb!

As long as I'm waiting, I may as well rant. I love my Mac so much. I love not getting cryptic messages about illegal operations (PCs really are criminals, huh?) and the absence of a CPU and the fact that the screen is larger than my TV's screen. But Mac and PC software is not the same, and Mac and PC games are rarely on the same page. Sim City has moved on to an exciting new version ... the best I can get for the Mac is Sim City 4. And it's $60. Yikes. I guess that's the price for parting with the Game Cube and swearing I'll never get another.

Hurry up, UPS! Chandler bored!

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