Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What about the blog, part II

Okay, it was voted to keep the blog alive and leave it alone. I didn't want to leave it alone, so I deleted a lot of posts (this is #200 again) and reorganized it. You'll notice some new labels:

Chandler Needs a Life: There's lots of stuff about the deceased Game Cube and my obsession with Zelda games in here. I have neither now, but I'm sure there will still be proof that I need a life (or at least a job).
Kitties: High time they got their own category! Especially now that they've regained their pseudo-kid status.
Social Studies Class: "Distracted by History" combined with current events--it's 7th grade social studies all over again!
Near and Dear: Topics near and dear to the hearts of the bloggers.
Today on a Very Special Loquacious Loquat: In spite of the silly, after-school-special kind of name, this is the important stuff that needs extra attention.

There are other new ones, but they're less interesting.

Things are now organize to my satisfaction. :)

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