Monday, December 15, 2008

Virtual house hunting

Mr. Chris and I are obviously contemplating getting the heck out of Dodge because of our tremendous fondness (loud, obvious coughing) of Dallas. I shan't say too much on the subject just yet, but I will say that we've been fiddling around with online house searches. Frequently, these listings have multiple pictures. Sometimes, those pictures are very nondescript: "Oh look. This house has walls. And electrical outlets. And some doors. Oo, look, a ceiling fan!" (Note: That's a real conversation from some very underwhelming pictures.) More often, though, it shows things that really ought not to be shown when you're trying to sell a house. This is probably first in a series, a collection of some truly terrifying photos. Start quaking in your boots--this is going to be ugly!

Allllriiight ... this house is actually quite adorable if you don't mind that virtually all the plumbing is missing. Copper thieves, probably. I just thought the kitchen sink on the floor was particularly sad.

What is the sound of one Chandler weeping? I would have loved this room as a 13-year-old.

"Look at that fridge!" I exclaimed to my husband. Some things just don't age well.

I understand what a mirror trick is now. The kitchen isn't as big as you think.

Ready for immediate move in.

You know, they make washers and dryers that are supposed to stack on one another, but who am I to argue with what works?

Okay, what the heck is that? It looks like stairs, but some aren't as long as others and I can't tell what those dark red blobs on it are. And if it's stairs, am I at the top looking down or at the bottom looking up? Yecch.

Wonder what else I'll find on this adventure.


Jason and Fawnda said...

I think that these pictures could merit a new blog site... house wrecks!
Jason and I saw a lot of interesting things when we were looking for our current house. One being the water heater laying in the drive-way...hmmmm isn't that supposed to be in the house...
Good luck on your search, and be sure to share more pics of crazy things as you find them! These were greatly entertaining! :)

Liz Nyenhuis said...

I'd say you're at the bottom looking up and the dark red stuff is a non-slip surface (like rubber) on the steps, that hangs over the edge.

That said, we're looking at houses, too (well...farms/property actually), but we haven't found anything that scary.......yet!