Saturday, December 13, 2008

To market, to market, to buy a fat ... bundle of Swiss chard?

Chris and I returned today to the Dallas Farmers Market. We hadn't been in some time because of our CSA subscription, which brought us more food than we could possibly desire, and often of stuff we didn't particularly want (I don't have many food aversions, but eggplant is one of them). But our subscription had drawn to a close for the year, so we went in search of winter eats.

The Dallas Farmers Market has been a force for evil in the past. Very few stalls were actually run by farmers, but rather by dealers who bid on the produce to sell it themselves. The outrage was great, and now the switch is beginning. But it does have tremendous good on its side, too: The farmers market is actually a series of permanent structures. It's not just a set up and tear down kind of thing in some parking lot somewhere. In fact, there are four sheds--here are pics to show you what I mean:

I can recall getting peaches at the farmers market when I was a youngun, and I remember wondering why the farmers market was in a parking garage. See if you can tell why I made such a mistake:

No trip is complete without lunch at El Mercado, which is across from the non-produce shed where you can get spices, tea and coffee, free-range meats, furniture, candles, soaps ...

And here is said lunch--camarones empanizados!

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May I have a serving of that, Please?