Saturday, December 27, 2008

News so great you'll splode!

(For those of you reaching for your dictionaries, "splode" is a Cute Overload term that, not shockingly, means "explode," but cutely.)

It's a very Very Special Loquacious Loquat kinda day over here at ... well, the Loquacious Loquat. I hope the readership will be pleased with this one:

Alexis is doing good. She is walking more. YEA! She is now walking from chair to chair at therapy. She does have a person on each side of her, but she is holding mostly her own weight. She walked 3 times about 10 steps each time. She even started stepping backwards to sit down. YEA! She is so excited about walking. Alexis walks on a treadmill in the water at water therapy one day a week also. She loves water therapy. She can't wait for Thursdays. I can't wait till the pictures come back so that I can show you all of her progress. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN.

At school, Alexis's best friend Emily is having some competition. (Emily has been out sick alot) Alexis is receiving letters from other friends saying "Taylor is Alexis's best friend" When Alexis walks down the ramp, Taylor and Emily had to figure out a schedule so they could take turns. So, Monday, is Emily day to walk down the ramp with Alexis. Tuesday is Taylor's day to walk down the ramp with Alexis. Wednesday is Emily's day to walk down the ramp. Thursday, is Taylor's day to walk down the ramp. Friday, both girls walk with Alexis down the ramp. I am so glad that the kids accept and love Alexis.

I did have another situation with one teacher. It is the same teacher as before. She again didn't send home the work for Alexis then gave Alexis a paper for a grade. So, I had to remind her that I am willing and want to help Alexis by reviewing any work from school prior to being graded on the work. This teacher just doesn't want to follow the IEP, which is the law. I am tired of her wasting my time. So I sent a letter to her bosses. The rest of the school is AWSOME. So, I am hoping that this one teacher starts doing what she is suppose to do, to help Alexis and stop wasting my time, arguing with her.

Alexis is getting alot of mail. One card came from Spain. Then, Alexis received a card offering her to go on an airplane ride in the Spring. Cool! Alexis received 126 cards in one day. She is having so much fun reading each card, and finding the location where the card came from. Alexis looks on the globe or map to find where each card comes from. Alexis enjoys reading the comments people write in the cards. One person wrote "Santa told me to send you mail, and I do what Santa tells me" I KNOW THAT SANTA IS REAL. Alexis has proof. One person wrote "I am elderly and I can't see to drive, so I wrote a letter" Ahh. I decided to call Alexis's mail ANGEL MAIL. I appreciate that people are taking time from their busy day and thinking of Alexis. I believe that there are angels that come to Alexis's rescue. I know we are blessed. One person sent me an email from Pennsylvania and saying that the district will be sending Alexis mail and that "Alexis has a heart which only one could wish for." "I wish that I personally did know her" She continued to say "The true reason for this time of year-giving" This was a beautiful email. I am proud to be Alexis's mom. I am proud that Alexis is a giver and does touch peoples heart from all over the globe. We are having so much fun with the mail. It is so exciting everyday.

We went to see Santa at the Cleveland Sight Center. I said to Alexis "Do you think Santa will have a present for me?" Alexis said "You get a present everyday mommie" then she said "I give you smiles and make you laugh every day and that is the best present mommie" I said "You are right Alexis"

I have attached a picture for you. It takes a minute of two to download, but it is really a cute Christmas picture.

Rachel and Alexis
You can also see her picture here. She's a cute girl! :) I hope you wrote to her too!

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