Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chandler Quick Hits

It'll be 77 in Houston the day Chris is there, and it'll be only a measly 65 here in the northern burbs of Dallas. Boohoo.

Thanks to last night's sleet, the Castor Beans That Wouldn't Die may have finally met their match. Now I don't have to kill them myself!

A blog I follow, Budgets are Sexy, put up a recap of their New Years resolutions. I might do this in the upcoming days/weeks. I can't even remember any resolutions I've made other than the one I made a few years ago to use less toilet paper. Uh, let's move on!

I try so hard to be a Luddite, but I'm not very good at it. We booted the Game Cube when it died--it's being replaced by games for the Mac. We're going to boot the TV--the Mac will serve about the same purpose. I used to laugh at the notion of having a device in the car that tells you where to go--our handheld GPS, bought for geocaching purposes, turns out to be used primarily for direction purposes. And now, Chris and I have discovered the joy of texting. In fact, he texted me just today to inform me that he'd chewed out his best class. I texted him back to tell him that the outdoor pipes had frozen. Quite a day on both the work and domestic fronts.

Our virtual house hunting has produced a favorite house. It's in a revitalization area, it's a few blocks from downtown, and it's a mere 40 minute jaunt from the house to the ballpark! Baseball mini-plans, anyone?

We're under a weather advisory I've never heard of before: freezing fog. Sounds perfect for a Christmas-themed thriller movie.

We used to have a subscription to Al Día, the free, Spanish-language newspaper. After a week, they just quit delivering it. Then recently, they began again ... over a year after we'd received our last one! Right.

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