Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Didn't Vote for Fritz Golem: Random Thoughts After Voting

Good morning from a first-time voter! We're so cute, aren't we? No celebrations for the guy voting for the 50th time--just the first timer. But I feel like my cuteness has already worn off.

Who's Fritz Golem?
In other words, I got to vote on paper.

The headlines are saying that there are long lines at the polls already. Not in my experience. Early voting just makes election day voting that much easier! And best of luck to those of you without that option.

Chris dropped me off (the polling place was down the street), and afterwards I walked home. Blessedly, I didn't forget my keys, but you probably figured that out since I'm blogging and not shivering in the cold. I probably could've gone to the library when it opened, but that still would've been a 3 hour wait. At least I could've hung out with the library swans.

I notice funny things now. As I walked home, I wasn't thinking of how I'd contributed to our wonderful democracy. Nope. I was thinking about how the sidewalks were inaccessible. Just wait until I get the kids home--I'll notice how how society is biased against the blind all the time!!

Tonight, we're pulling the mattress into the soon-to-be-former boys' room (where the TV is) and pulling an all-nighter. This is now a tradition for me: Last election, I managed to last until 3 AM watching ABC. Last time I ever saw Peter Jennings (sniffle)! Things get crazy in the wee hours. They had Al Jazeera-London on at some point after midnight! When Chris got up to go to work, I threw in the towel. I really wanted to be there when they announced the president, but for all our technology, they still can't get stinkin' results in in a timely manner!! But this year, my social studies teachin' husband is joining me in my all-night election coverage marathon. Sleeping is not my forte, so I predict I'll see much more coverage than he will.

Civic duty: COMPLETE!

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