Monday, October 6, 2008

Our expensive new hobby, part 2

I have a good definition of geocaching for those who still don't get it: "Geocache is a new sport/hobby where participants use multi-billion dollar satellite technology to find tupperware hidden in the woods." :)

Our area has a real dearth of waymarks, so we went back out into the woods to find some. The Fort Worth Nature Center has a trail with several CCC-built things on it, so we went and found the coordinates for them. I don't have them up on the website yet--turns out that there's also a dearth of information about the CCC structures themselves, so I need to do a little more investigation! They won't let me post them without a history of the structures. There's probably not much to say anyway, but right now all I know is the CCC unit number. Around our domicile, there's really only Texas historical markers. There has to be more to this town than that, right? So I'm up for the hunt!

Meanwhile, we're counting down to our hiking vacation in the lovely Hill Country. After all the job stress, it's much needed. And there's an Earthcache (which, and this ought to shock you, is a geological feature search) at Longhorn Cavern State Park. That'll be fun.

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