Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More views from the garden

All the cool-weather beans I planted the other day have sprouted, which is both fantastic and unusual. 100% germination is a rare feat. I planted 10 more in another pot just yesterday, so we'll see how they do. Today I went out and scattered some spinach and mustard green seeds in the two big planters were the peas will go when the temperature drops even more. I managed to sneak them in before the rain started, so I didn't even have to turn on the hose!

I've got some pictures as well. The beans in the courtyard garden are still blooming, and some of those blooms did their job. Aren't the tiny pods cute?

The castor beans have also been going to seed. Most of them are duds, but I've gotten five that I may try planting later. They look quite a bit like pinto beans, and I think they're really pretty:

Pretty well-behaved garden right now.

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