Saturday, September 13, 2008

People like to panic

There's a hurricane in the process of covering up my parent's house right now. Where we are (a few hundred miles away) there are packed grocery store parking lots and gas stations are running out of fuel. As I look out the window next to me I see a moderate rainstorm with some equally moderate winds.

Hurricanes lose force fairly quickly after they make landfall, which means that the worst thing that is likely to happen to us here is the wind dislodges a dead/dying tree branch and it falls on a powerline and we lose electricity for a few hours. Boo-hoo.

I hope my family is okay, I haven't called them yet, but the tail end of the storm is still over the north side of Houston, so it's not completely over for them yet. I'm sure they're fine, they did what they were told to do to stay safe, and will probably be so.

I really don't understand the reaction of many people around here. It won't do much of anything this far away from the coast. Here's a lesson kids: when preparing for severe weather, take into account what is actually possible. If you live in the south on the coast, be prepared for hurricanes. If you live in the north, be prepared for massive snow in the winter that stays for weeks or months on end. If it's never happened before where you are, chances are it's not going to happen to you now.

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