Monday, September 1, 2008


One of the important parts of being Orthodox is spending Sundays well, especially if you've taken Communion. We've failed utterly in this respect. But in a bid to get us to do more than plonk down on the couch and watch TV all afternoon and evening after church (or, even more likely, nap), we've implemented a new policy: Get the heck outta Dodge.

Last weekend we went to the Dallas Arboretum and strolled around for two whole hours. Yesterday we were supposed to go hiking. I was so exhausted that we just couldn't swing it, so we went today. We also meant to go to a place in the south of Dallas (do not confuse this with the very unsafe South Dallas), but we opted for a church picnic and went to the little nature preserve in town.

An interesting nugget about where we went: The Elm Fork Nature Preserve was purchased as a woodright in 1861 by the Bramblitt Family. The land was never clear-cut and in 1986 the 40 acres were given to the city of Carrollton as a self-contained ecosystem, virtually undisturbed.

But enough of that--I know what you really want:

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Childless (for now) said...

What beautiful pictures!

Dh and I usually go hiking every summer, but we didn't make it this year. We were going to go over Labor Day weekend, but with the my new job, we didn't get to go then, either.

Thanks for sharing your pictures. It let me enjoy my backpacking trip through you.