Doozy of a hike

We did make it to LLELA after church. I'd love to tell you about it, but I'm so utterly bushed (which means that I'm tired, not that I'm on top of the wardrobe with giant eyes and all the fur on my tail standing on end) that the word's just aren't coming. Pictures?

I also saw two creatures I've been dying to see. We certainly don't lack for snowy egrets here, but today I saw one being chased by none other than a blue heron! Of course, by the time the camera was ready they'd parted ways. He's hiding in the next two pictures. The last picture ... well, bonus points to anyone who knows what that space alien of a mammal is (yes, the one surrounded by a field of poison oak)! ;)


When I zoomed in, the picture looked like the shell of an armadillo...
Chandler said…
Ding! It's an armadillo!! First one I've ever seen alive ... :(