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Doozy of a hike

We did make it to LLELA after church. I'd love to tell you about it, but I'm so utterly bushed (which means that I'm tired, not that I'm on top of the wardrobe with giant eyes and all the fur on my tail standing on end) that the word's just aren't coming. Pictures?

I also saw two creatures I've been dying to see. We certainly don't lack for snowy egrets here, but today I saw one being chased by none other than a blue heron! Of course, by the time the camera was ready they'd parted ways. He's hiding in the next two pictures. The last picture ... well, bonus points to anyone who knows what that space alien of a mammal is (yes, the one surrounded by a field of poison oak)! ;)

Another fine day out

We went back to the nature preserve today. I got to see and tiny blue lizard that was too fast to take a picture of and a little snack whose picture didn't come out clearly. So much for that. It's a great place, but two things make it annoying: the nearby soccer fields filled with loud children and the nearby shooting range. The former reminds you that you're not really out in the wilderness; the latter makes you fear for your life a little. But enough of that--who wants pictures?

New and more interested pictures--we're heading out to the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA--we pronounce it "yela") for another hike after church. Should be fun!

Thoughts on a Texas State Park

Now that I'm all into hiking, I was looking at pictures of Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle. Palo Duro is too intense a hike for lame little me to handle right now, but it's still a looker of a state park. But then I stumbled upon one picture that made me smile:

This picture is proof that my sense of humor is God-given. If I were Giganto Chandler instead of a short little stump of a human being, I'd set large, flat rocks on top of plateaus as well. Then I'd run away quickly and hope that someone would see it, scratch their noggins, and proclaim it to be a wonder of nature. Those things are called "hoodoos", by the way, and I can't imagine coming up with a better name.

Isn't nature amazing?