Friday, August 15, 2008


Obviously, that's not vinegar. The CSA has inundated us with hot peppers, so I put my immersion blender to work this evening, combined the peppers with a whole bottle of vinegar, and messed up the reception on the TV by blending away gleefully. (I recommend the use of a regular blender, by the way, and all subsequent batches will be made as soon as I get my hands on one.)

This year, you may be the lucky recipient of Chandler's own hot sauce, especially since I still have about 3-4 bags of peppers to burn through (and that doesn't include the ones I've grown). And this ain't no namby-pamby Tabasco sauce, either--this is eyeball burning, coughing-fit inducing, oops-I-got-some-on-my-arm-and-now-its-inflamed hot sauce. But that's not to be confused with I-added-one-drop-to-my-chili-and-now-I've-killed-my-taste-buds-forever hot sauce. It's spicy, not stupid.

Sorry for the blurriness of the picture. I took one with flash that was clear, but it looked like I had 32 fl oz of blood in a jar instead of hot sauce. This one brings out the lovely orange color.

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Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to get my share! Just don't touch your eyes . . .
Love, MUMs