Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Being mistreated by life

Chris can go into greater detail than I, but the school district has done a nasty thing. We're having wonderful memories of last summer when Chris was desperately seeking out a job: He has to do it again! Because if he doesn't, the district's idea of "reassigning" teachers means putting them in the substitute pool. Yes, apparently subbing and full-time teaching are equivocal! Because Dallas says so!


But if you haven't figured out the other implication, there's a chance the adoption will go on hold and possibly fold. Tomorrow we're contacting our social worker, regional office head, and Colombia program director to let them know that things are ... well, bad. We'll keep sending in our homestudy stuff, but things just can't progress until Chris has another job secured.

If Chris is put on the sub list, we'll have to quit the process completely. If the boys are still available when we can start again, we'll try again.

That said, we're optimistic that Chris will find a job within the district. We just want everyone to know that things can go very sour. We originally thought that things were better than they really were.

We were listening to some news about the town hall meeting, and they played a sound bite. Chris's response was, "Huh, they cut out the booing." Lively crowd!


Steph said...

Praying for you and your DH in this situation, Chandler. I am so sorry this is happening!

Childless (for now) said...

Chandler~I am so sorry about how Chris losing his job throws a wrench into your adoption plans. May he find a new job---and QUICK!!!