Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's beautiful!!! ***bump***

This is old, but it's still funny, and you can even still read the link on the New York Times! Ethan Frome humor is always good and welcome in my world.

Oh, please read this! I beg of you!! "There will be a quiz." 

As always it's the NY Times, so read it before its nine days are up. For that reason, I want this paragraph preserved here for posterity's sake:

To their credit, the folks at Barnes & Noble make a habit of challenging readers’ assumptions and sometimes getting right in their faces. For example, their edition of “The Picture of Dorian Grey” included the intemperate question “Is sin ugly or beautiful?,” while “Ethan Frome,” the unreadable Edith Wharton novel that ends in a toboggan disaster that simply must be read to be believed, even though the book is unreadable, got right down to the nitty-gritty and demanded: “Is this novel just too grim to be enjoyed?”

The miserable truth is that Ethan Frome is just too lousy to be enjoyed. All school children should be subjected to it the way I was. It builds character.

I dedicate this post to my history professor father, who probably has a collection of sample questions even better than these. 

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Da loved this! So did I . . .