Monday, April 28, 2008

Now I am here.

Yet not.

The Game Cube and I are making up for lost time. There's a massive Zelda marathon taking place in my living room, and no one's invited but me. Chris can join later if he wants, but I might not notice.

Right now I'm playing Ocarina of Time, which is a lot like Twilight Princess except for two minor details:
1. It's not impossible, and ...
2. It's actually fun.

I think I'll be more serious about life in general tomorrow.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

If you see this, I'm not here.

Today is Palm Sunday in the Orthodox world, which means Holy Week begins tomorrow. Holy Week means that the computer is turned off, the TV is unplugged, and any other distractions are tucked away for a later date. Turning the computer off means no blogging. And that means I'll see you again next Monday.

Inconveniently, my birthday falls on Tuesday, so I can't do the birthday blog I've been dreaming of. Just know that Tuesday marks the occasion of the two of us officially being of the age where we can adopt internationally. Neato.

Toodle-loo, gentle readers.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Little cat found

Here's our little man, back into his morning routine of sunning himself by the living room doors. He's settled back into life quite nicely and going on as though nothing happened (although you may note that he's a touch rumpled).

As Chris was sleeping on the couch, he was awakened by Ooly's yelling. Since Owl is an Oriental (a one-color Siamese, for those who don't spend their days reading up on cat breeds), he has a very distinctive cry, so Chris knew it was him. Apparently his first act was to run into the kitchen and demand to be fed. (Apparently he was much more interested in drinking water, but the food was nice too.) It was during the feeding that I woke up, thinking, "Wow, Chris is going to church earlier than I thought" (it's Lazarus Saturday).

And yes, Chris did have the good sense to shut the window behind Owl. We're not repeating mistakes here!

We were going to keep him sequestered lest he'd contracted any interesting diseases, but since he was out barely over 24 hours we chose to unleash his buddies so they could dote over him. He doesn't look like he got into any tussles, so he probably didn't get FIV or feline leuk, and although he's a month late for his rabies booster those things aren't truly necessary every year (not to say that I wouldn't get them vaccinated, but that once we hit the one-year anniversary I don't think his Magical Rabies Shield dissipated). Probably the most we have to worry about are fleas and maybe ticks, but it's awful early in the year for those.

If you'll excuse me, I need to go put the screen back on the window. And probably superglue it into place.

Little cat found!

Like a good but very spooked little man, Ooly did his job and walked back through the window he came out of this morning at about 5:45AM. Chris was kind and slept out in the living room with the window open so more unsavory types (not cats, by the way) wouldn't be the ones popping through the window. And in all the hubbub as he woke me up, I hit a key on the computer while looking for my glasses and fired up the computer. Might as well blog now, huh?

Pictures tomorrow. Well, in a few hours, I mean. Whatever. It's still dark out!

We have four cats again!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Little cat lost

My cats can be pretty aggressive towards any stray that walks by our house. This often turns into two of them turning on one another--Owl is usually the victim--so when I heard cat screeching I went to investigate. What I didn't expect to find was the screen popped out of one of the open windows. I did a head count: Trent was present, Estelle was present, and after some further investigation, I discovered that Owl was not in the house.

Shortly after Chris and I gave chase, the tornado sirens went off and a nasty storm rolled through. In the rain, we located Owl using his food jar (we bang the metal lid on the jar to call them to dinner, so we figured this was a good way to find him). He ducked under cars, tried to get into one of them, ran across the street to the green space behind our house, nearly popped over the gate towards the very busy street, ran through the bushes, then ran back across the street to hide under cars again. Our techniques included treats, the jar, and actually bringing poor Trent out into the ran. Finally, Owl stopped responding to the jar. He's still out there, and it's still raining.

I'm on Owl Vigil tonight. We set some food out by the front door in the hopes he'll work his way back over here. I have my doubts that he'll even move until this rain is over, and who knows if he'll even move in the right direction. This may be the last time we've seen our little man.

These people are my heroes.

This family restored a house built in 1913 that was on the verge of being condemned. I'm giving you the slideshow to look at, but the article says that after all their work, they have no debt. So they're my heroes for two reasons!

An Artful Restoration

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You know you're married to a teacher when ...

... you open up the dryer and this falls out.

Honey! I know you can read this at school now! Empty your shirt pockets!