With All Reluctance ...

I used to know a really great article on why those "blessing bags" for the homeless were not generally viewed as blessings in their eyes, but alas, the blog it was on went private and I can no longer share it with you. The moral of the story was that if you're not comfortable giving money, just say so. So I'm skeptical of this altruistic practice, which gives me good reason to sit down and make some ... ? It's not without a heapin' helpin' of sighs that I undertake this activity.

Backstory: In April, Chris and I traveled almost entirely by rail from Denton to Columbia for my birthday, which is no small feat in two public transit-averse states. Assisting on the trip was tuna salad in a box: A little tin of tuna or chicken salad, buttery crackers, and a little plastic spoon. Several companies make them, and I've tried all kinds. (Be advised that the salmon salad tastes nothing like salmon, and I haven't tried the ham salad because it kinda sounds we…

Follow Up to "People Hate Christians"

I'm no longer proud of my post about Joel Osteen. As Chris said last night, "He's low-hanging fruit." I admit that he's infinitely easy to throw under the bus, but to do so is equally as un-Christian as what he did, if not more so. Jesus, the man I worship as God, didn't just say the parable I put in that post--He also said, "Judge not lest ye be judged." Luke 17:7-10 has caused a great deal of grief in my life, especially while I was Orthodox and didn't think I could take pride or joy in any of the good things I did. It was wrong of me to subject another person to that message, it was wrong of me to judge, and it's still wrong of me to do as little as I've done for the people on the coast of my own state. 
Please forgive me. Sometimes I really don't know what I do.

My Reading Challenge for 2018

Seems a bit early to be posting this, but my insomniac self was awake for a very long time last night, putting all my books that I have on my Kindle into a special folder on GoodReads. ... Yes, it says "Check Library." No, I have no clue how to change that. I would like it to just say "Challenge" so I can update it every year. If you know how to do that, for fuck's sake, COMMENT.

There's another little problem: Chris and I have vowed not to buy any books for a year. Having made this vow, we immediately went out and stocked up on books the way gun nuts stock up on ammo after a perceived threat to their supply. So, September 1 to September 1, no more new books (unless we are given one). That lead me to thinking about my Kindle, which is flush with books that I might never read unless I make a point to do so.

What could go wrong? Well, I've said it before, I'm a slow reader. I got an English degree just by paying attention in class. Turns out I have 41…

People Hate Christians

With good reason, thanks to Joel Osteen, making us all look bad in one fell swoop. Perhaps you haven't been paying attention, but there's a massive hurricane that did massive damage to the Texas coast. Both Chris and I have family there. Houston is at the epicenter because it's poorly drained (Chris, Gulf Coast brat, tells me it floods after the lightest of sprinkles there), and SOMEONE has a 16,000+ capacity church there. And this person has declined to turn said church (formerly a frickin' basketball arena) into a shelter. Cue booing and rotten vegetables. 
I anticipate a need of an unusual sort: Should someone austensibly Christian attempt to defend this patently un-Christian behavior by saying that no one would've praised Osteen if he had opened up the church, you have my permission to quote little-known parable Luke 17:7-10. Here, I'll even put it right here for you for your convenience! 

And it's even in red, so you know it's serious.

Pictures from Breughel

This is more for my sake than that of the gentle readership, but I'm still trudging through the selected poems of William Carlos Williams. I have made it far enough along to be on his book Pictures from Breughel, which, of course, is no fun without the actual paintings, right?

A little internet poking-around revealed this little blog, which served its purpose and wrapped things the hell up several years ago. So if, you're interested, there are the pictures from Breughel, complete with poems!

Welcome to Waco!

After getting a great house with a great neighbor and thinking I'd never leave the beautiful burg of Denton ever again, I find myself in a townhouse a few blocks from Baylor University in the burg of Waco. I've told people that I really never thought I'd move here, not even long enough to think, "Naw." Strangely, here I am in a whole new part of Texas (Central Texas as opposed to North Texas), and I'm just as close to my parents' new home in Fort Worth as I was in Denton. So there was no major loss after my parents finally decided to retire and move back to Texas. Weird how that works out.

What happened was that Chris hated his job. It was making him depressed, his boss sucked, all of it. So he went looking for jobs still in corrections-medical, and now we live in Prison Central! No prisons in Waco-proper, but the little towns nearby are teeming with them. So, yeah--34 years old and beginning again. When you don't have kids, it's like your twentie…

Welcome to My Protestant Blog

I killed just under 400 posts because I didn't want all the Orthodox stuff on here. It's my prerogative.

What's left is interesting. I have to label Chris's posts about vacations we've been on (his sole contribution to the Loquat), and there are fun hikes we used to do before I got sciatica, and there's the time the world's greatest cat died. That's about all I kept on this here blog. I wanted to archive it and move to a different platform, but I've discovered that I'm getting old and that technology befuddles me. In other words, so much for Medium.

The Loquat may be the only blog left on Blogger at this point, but I'm essentially only talking to my parents, so that's okay.